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about eliza

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Eliza Lay Ryan MFA, Boston University, is the award winning author of Supermindful, How to Tap into Your Creativity and the app Supermindful. While acting, choreographing and directing professionally since 2003, she taught acting, choreography and directing, serving as Head of Acting for The New York Film Academy’s summer program at Harvard for 10 years.


She has been an invited speaker at Clark University, Babson College, Questrom School of Business at BU, BU College of Communications and Columbia University and her TEDx talk is called Curiosity, Connection, and Creativity.


She has also conducted published mindfulness research at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Her experience teaching inspired her to step off the stage and out into the world where she could offer these curiosity building tools to the leaders, workers, and citizens of tomorrow, so together we can build a more thriving future.

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