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Keynotes, workshops, and retreats, to support leaders and teams in cultivating curiosity, developing an ability to be more aware and more adaptable, so they can be more agile, creative, resilient & collaborative.

Diverse viewpoints catalyze innovation when they can work curiously and effectively together.

But how can we?

Eyes wide open mindfulness practices allow people to stand more fully in their own experience. They increase self-awareness, allow for more creative insights, and support social and emotional intelligence leading to fruitful collaborations.
Imaginative practices that creatives use to stand in other people's shoes can help anyone shift perspective, think with greater adaptive agility, and generate more actionable possibilities.

Together presence and possibilities, awareness and adaptability, help cultivate supermindfulness: where people are fully connected to their own experience while also being able to connect with and harness other ways of thinking, feeling, and being. 

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